It’s the middle of summer now and things are really hot now. It isn’t always easy to motivate yourself to draw when you’re cooking in your own juices, especially as hot as my house gets. I don’t know what it is about the heat that makes you so sleepy, but I’ve been fighting the fatigue to keep updates on time. I sorta wish there was a real Midnight Collectables where I live so I could cool off by watching movies at night. At this point I’d even be okay with vampire management as long as they offered sodas.

There’s just three more pages left in Chapter 3, and then the cover, before I submit the chapter to Comixology. If you haven’t bought issue 1 yet, what are you waiting for? Digital copies are only $3.99 and work on almost any smart phone or tablet. The chapter looks really snazzy onscreen.

Also I’ve talked to a couple of people about guest art for the series. For the regular pages that won’t be feasible, but I am thinking of letting people do guest covers. If you run a web comic and want to do a guest cover for Midnight Menagerie, get in touch with me at webmaster @ so we can set it up.