Shawn Wilcocks

Name: Shawn Wilcocks
Age: 17
Shawn Wilcocks is a recent high school graduate and a horror fan. Though he comes from a very wealthy family, he's actually a very grounded and humble young man. Though he comes off as a bit nervous and shy, he's actually a pretty brave guy.
Ronny Wilcocks
Name: Veronica 'Ronny' Wilcocks
Age: 21  
Ronny is Shawn's older sister and a big-time party girl. She seems to come off as vain and vapid, but she's actually incredibly caring and quite savvy. She cares very deeply for her little brother, and probably is only the member of his family that actually 'gets' him.
Romero Pinzachotti
Name: Romero Pinzachotti
Age: ???
The owner of Midnight Collectables. One of the few people on earth to be as big a horror fan as Shawn, a small wonder the two immediately get along. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, there is no denying there is something a little off and sinister about him...
Rob Carpenter
Name: Rob Carpenter
Age: 25  
A handyman with a deep-seeded hatred of Romero. Has made it his self-appointed mission to keep Shawn safe from what he views as Romero's eventual betrayal. He's largely a quiet man who keeps his feelings to himself, but also has a dry sense of humor and enjoys teasing his new friend.
Name: Wes
Age: ???
An Ithyiod (aka, fishman) who moved to LA when his old home dried up. A happy-go lucky kind of fella, he likes hanging around Shawn and his friends for entertainment. He also never wears a stitch of clothing.