About Midnight Menagerie

Rated PG-13. Updates Friday

Midnight Menagerie is the story of Shawn Wilcocks, a privileged, but grounded, young man who has just graduated high school and is trying to figure out what to do with his life. While spending his summer wandering around his hometown of Los Angeles and enjoying the Monster Movie Marathon at the mysterious store Midnight Collectables, he befriends the store’s owner, Romero Pinzacotti, a man just as cryptic as the store he runs. As Shawn gets to know Romero, he enters a world he only thought existed in his favorite horror movies.

Our Story Thus Far...

When an old customer of Romero dies, Romero is invited to the reading of the will. But when the event start resembling the events of the customer’s favorite movie just a little too closely, Shawn finds himself trapped with some very dangerous people.

Is this a Yaoi?

That depends on your definition. If you consider Yaoi a story that features hardcore, man-on-man sex scenes, then no, Midnight Menagerie is not a Yaoi. There are no graphic sex scenes’ and the most nudity you’re going to get is fishman Wes’ speckly butt. But if you consider a Yaoi a story focusing on romantic relationships between men, then yes, this is a Yaoi. Many of the main characters from Midnight Menagerie are homosexual, and the plot often focuses on the interaction between them. If that is a problem for you I suggest reading some other comic that is more tame, like Archie or something. Oh wait…

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