So for anyone who was under the impression what I was somehow going to neuter Romero by not having him attack humans, I hope those concerns have been lifted. Only a couple of pages left in the chapter now, and then the cover. That week when I post the cover I imagine lots of people are going to be angsting over what happens next. So I’m apologizing in advance.

When I was in the library last week I found a couple of really cool books in the discard pile which I imagine for future story lines will be super useful. First is a horror anthology that lists some of the best horror films, short stories and novels and what makes them so great. It’s from the late 80s so it’s missing a lot of more modern titles and doesn’t cover horror comics (a rather significant omission by my account, but in the 80s comics were still a largely disrespected medium, so I’ll forgive it) but it definitely has a lot of stuff I hadn’t heard of before and will want to track down for research.

The other extremely cool thing I found was a book called The Headless Haunt, which is a collection of African American ghost stories. This is super cool because a lot of times folk lore from minority ethnicities is overlooked in western pop culture, which a real shame because I don’t think there’s a culture on earth that doesn’t have at least have a few interesting myths. While right now Midnight Menagerie is focusing more on traditional horror fare, in future story lines I plan to feature less well known monsters, myths and legends that Shawn and his buddies will encounter.