So far chapter 3 has been a bit slow on action but big on atmosphere, get ready because that’s going to change in the next couple of weeks. Chapter 3 will be wrapping in by end of July and Chapter 4 will really start getting exciting.

And I’ve started reading the Morganville Vampire books by Rachel Caine and I have to say they’ve been pretty intriguing. The series is a bit of a mix of Vampire Knight and Buffy in terms of the problems of mixing humans and vampires together and forcing humans to be the mediators. I’m almost done with Book 6, which I believe is the end of the first major arc. The books are very episodic and not very long so you can probably read one in a couple of days. I’ve really liked how she’s made the vampires decidedly predatory, but at the same time still fairly interesting and sympathetic.

That’s a problem I’ve noticed in a lot of modern fantasy and fantasy horror series is that the authors have been trying too hard to make vampires not as evil as they originally were portrayed. That they’re more like misunderstood superheroes rather than undead creatures of the night. This won’t be the case with Midnight Menagerie. While it’s fairly unlikely that our ginger hero is in any danger around Romero, Mystery Stranger is right: Romero is still a monster.