Hey everyone, today marks the start of a new chapter in the regular continuity of Midnight Menagerie, The House That Vincent Built. I’m super excited about this chapter and everything that’s going to happen. It’s been my favorite one to work on so far. It’s not only a big art stretch for me in terms of composition and color, this chapter allows me to really start digging into the core of Midnight Menagerie.

Before, none of y’all knew the characters or their motivations. I had to introduce all of them to get an understanding of why they’d do certain things or not others as bigger and bigger story lines start. Now that you know who Shawn is, I don’t have to waste any narrative time explaining anything and I can hit the ground running. That isn’t to say we won’t learn more about the characters, because we absolutely will! There is a lot going on in Shawn, Romero, Rob and even Wes’ past and their motives. I hope more of you folks will start reading the series and buckle up, things aren’t going to slow down any time soon!