*blows dust off of update page* Okay, I’ve been really lazy about posting relevant updates on the main page, but there’s actually a lot going on. The current special, Lockdown ends today while next week will be a bi-week with just the cover (it’s a cool cover though!) Week after that HOWEVER marks the beginning of Book Two of Midnight Menagerie! The first Arc was called ‘Such Things’, this upcoming one is ‘The Things I Fear’ and will begin with the story The House That Vincent Built

The story has a lot going for it. Murder! Monster high dolls! Vincent Price! Fan fiction tropes! And more! You can either wait two weeks to read it, OR! You can subscribe to my Patreon account for $2 a month to start reading it now, or check out the full issues available on Comixology. Either way supports my work and keeps throwing dumb horror monsters making bad decisions to save their friend in your direction.