Hey everyone! A lot of updates to cover today. First off, Midnight Menagerie is now on Webtoons. I’ve had a handful of people contact me about posting Midnight Menagerie there and now I have. If you want to subscribe, just click here.

Secondly, next weekend starts October and that means: Midnight Month! For those new to the series, during the month of October, I get into the Halloween spirit with all sorts of extra bonuses. There will be double updates on the Main Site, Patreon and Tapas, bonus art on Tumblr and a special piece of art and special comic around Halloween. So keep checking the site on a regular basis to check all these cool things out.

Lastly, because Amazon is dropping Comixology Submit and ending the service, Midnight Menagerie will no longer be available on Amazon unless you already bought the issues previously. Instead, Amazon is switching all their comics over to the Kindle Store, and because Kindle has very, very vague rules about content, and is already dinging horror series left, right and center, I have decided that instead, Midnight Menagerie will be on Itch. You can still buy Midnight Menagerie on Comixology until the service shuts down in October, but buying it on Itch just makes more sense.