Happy New Year everyone! I know the updates are late again but this time it’s not my fault. Many of you might not know, but I currently don’t have internet service at home (this is mostly due to me and a disagreement with the local internet companies) so I have to go to the local library to do my updates. The weather has been really snowy these past few days and the problem is that almost no one around where I live shovels their walkways. And since I walk with a cane you can understand why I get stuck in the house for weeks at a time.

Other than that chapter 14 marches on and I have a few pages already set up that will be posted these next few weeks. Also, I need to give everyone a big FYI for updates next week. There will be no updates this Tuesday because I have something extremely hugely important to take care of, and depending on how that goes that will affect Friday’s updates as well. All I ask if that all y’all wish me luck.