After hearing back from people I think I have enough interest to do a contest and the theme is:


With a fan fiction or fan art show me your favorite Sorcerer’s Apprentice couple. It doesn’t have to be canon or hetero, just what couple you like best.


*Create a Fan Fiction or Fan Art featuring 2 characters who are your favorite couple from Sorcerer’s Apprentice

*The work must be totally original. No edits of my drawings and stolen art will not be accepted but will be reported to the original artist

*Non-hetero entries are allowed, but please keep your entries PG-13 maximum. Remember, this site is supposed to be kid-friendly.

*You may enter up to two pieces: one fan art and one fan fiction


*1st prize: A full-color, full rendered custom commission with background and up to two characters ($62 value)

*2nd prize: A cel shaded color custom commission with 0ne character and no background ($25 value)

*3rd prize: An inked custom commission with up to two characters, no background ($11 value)

Right now the prizes are for the best fan fiction or fan art, but if I get enough entries I’ll split it into two divisions with 2, meaning there will be a total of 6 prizes


I will be judging the entries myself, and will base my decision based off of creativity, neatness and charm. You don’t have to be some mega-talented artist or writer to have a shot at winning, but entries done on notebook paper or with terrible grammar and spelling probably won’t sit too well with me.

How to enter:

Send me an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or text file (.rtf, .doc, .txt)  or include a link to your entry to

Deadline: September 1st 2011