The Characters of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Victoria Evans Victoria Evans
A high school senior who loves fashion and history. After accidentally putting on Allister’s ring and releasing all the monsters sealed inside it she agreed to become Allister’s student in magic. She is very easygoing and non-judgmental, but has a bad habit of putting things off until the last second.
Allister Magi de Illumanais Allister Magi de Illumanais
A magician who lived and worked in Paris during the late 1300s. When a horde of monsters attacks Paris he sacrificed his life by sealing the monsters into his ring with his spirit. He is also happens to be Renard’s distant ancestor. Despite being a knowledgeable and advanced sorcerer, Allister often acts immaturely and takes great pleasure in annoying his descendant.
Renard Lafayette Renard LaFayette
A sophomore college student originally from Paris. It was his job to take care of his family’s possessions at the museum, particularly Allister’s ring. After it ends up on Victoria’s hand he ends being her bodyguard. He can be very pompous and quick to judge, the exact opposite of Victoria.
Cooper Sinclair Cooper Sinclair
A self taught magician who wanted Allister’s ring so he could master magic. After fighting Victoria he decided to help her destroy the monsters. He’s very much a smart alec and doesn’t care what people think of him. Besides magic, Cooper would love to become a professional jeweler.
Bethany Epstein Bethany Epstein
One of Victoria’s best friends, she dreams of becoming an actress and is almost always working on one the school plays. While she pretends to be very sensitive she actually cares very little of what people really think of her and is never afraid to be herself. Patrice and Victoria always refer to her as a drama queen
Patrice Munez Patrice Muñez
One of Victoria’s best friends, she’s very athletic and is the only female member of the wrestling team. She’s very honest and never afraid to express her opinion. She has a wicked sense of humor and is one of the few people to keep Victoria and Bethany in check with Reality.
Ben Wright Ben Wright
A boy in Victoria’s class she has a crush on. He seems like a very sweet and sensitive person and Victoria hopes he will ask her out
Lucinda McMillan Lucinda McMillan
Victoria, Patrice and Bethany’s sworn enemy. A girl in their school who constantly harasses the girls for the way they look and act. There is especially bad blood between Lucinda and Victoria