About the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Action/Fantasy, Suitable for all ages

17 year-old Victoria Evans was never a very ordinary girl to begin with. Her best friends are the president of the Drama Club and the only female on the male wrestling team. She’s always dressed in outrageous homemade outfits and her favorite place outside of the gothic clothing shop at the mall is the library. But Victoria’s simple, if not ordinary life gets turned upside-down after a trip to the local museum.

At the museum Victoria finds an antique ring, but when she goes to return it she accidently puts it on, unleashing the curse put on it almost 600 years ago. Now hundreds of monsters and evil spirits have been unleashed and are threatening the world. Allister, the spirit of the ring charges Victoria, and his descendent, Renard with tracking the monsters down and destroying them. With Allister as her teacher Victoria will learn the ancient sciences of Magic and become the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

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