Hey guys the hiatus is still ongoing but I thought it’s important that I announce a couple of changes regarding Midnight Menagerie. First off, the update day is changing. From now on new pages will show up on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. Because of changes, I will only be going online once a week (I don’t have internet at home), it’s easiest to do those things on Fridays. The time will still be the same, around 10am MST (12ET/9W) just the day is changing.

Remember to buy the issues when they come out because it helps support the series. While I would love to do everything for free, a girl’s gotta eat and I can’t even afford internet. The issues are $3.99, are high resolution, and can go anywhere on a smartphone or tablet. If Shawn’s King of Dorks moments aren’t worth at least 3 bucks to you, then I don’t know what is.

Lastly, for the site itself Midnight Menagerie is looking for partner series. What are partner series? Those are series that get mutual ads and promotions. If you run a horror, sci-fi, fantasy or steampunk comic that’s PG-13 or similar there abouts (please no XXX comics, I don’t like porn), we trade banners, and I’ll promote you on Facebook, Twitter and so forth, and in exchange I do the same thing. One of those I’ll-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine deals.

Otherwise the hiatus is going on for one more week and then the series returns with new pages for chapter 4