Hey friends, as y’all have noticed, Midnight Menagerie has not been updating. While I announced I would go on hiatus in February, I said new pages would start up again in March. And there have been no new pages for over two months after I announced the hiatus. This was not intentional. In case you missed the update on Deviant Art or on my other webcomic Sorcerer’s Apprentice, without mincing words my life has been falling apart. I haven’t had any access to internet, my savings are gone, and I have a huge, giant, crushing weight over me that may destroy my life. Gee, I wish I was exaggerating, but unfortunately, I’m not.

The good news is somehow in the middle of all the madness (or perhaps working on this series is the only thing keeping me hanging on) during all that time I haven’t online access, I have been able to work on pages of Midnight Menagerie. Unlike Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which is done largely with traditional paper and ink, and thus requires the cost of materials, Midnight is done almost entirely digitally, so as long as I have scrap paper and access to my scanner, I can still continue to work. So, there will be new pages! In fact, I have so many new pages I’ve decided I’m going to post them two per week as a little thank you for not forgetting about me and all the emails of concern I’ve been getting from worried fans that I haven’t replied to.

This isn’t over though. The thing that has been screwing my life over is still hanging over my head, and I have no idea when I’ll have internet access again. So I won’t be posting announcements on Facebook, Twitter, etc, until this is (hopefully) all over and I get my life back. So just keep checking the site for the next few weeks to keep getting new pages. The pages will be auto scheduled to appear every Tuesday and Friday. Keep me in your thoughts, my precious little creeps. Your well wishes are what have been keeping me alive since the end of February.