And so concludes Chapter Four: Mad Dog prt.2. This was either a huge twist for you guys, or something you saw coming. I tried to drop some hints as to the identity of the werewolf but it isn’t always easy to tell whether or not things are obvious when you, the omnipotent storyteller, decide the fates of the poor shlubs you write about know exactly what’s going on at all times. Also, I know the page is a day late. The added drama wasn’t intentional, I was just sick over the weekend and not able to get out of the house until today. Bad health is bad. Chapter 4 is now on Comixology or will be in the next week or so (Comixology’s review process is a little uneven. Some issues get approved literally a couple hours after they’re submitted, others take a few weeks to a few months.) So always remember that if you want high quality Midnight Menagerie awesomeness and own a tablet or smart phone, you can always use the Comixology app to buy the issues, which incidentally, line my threadbare pockets so I can continue to work. Seriously, the issues are only 3.99 and nothing says “I think you are awesome and I support your ridiculous comic about gay monsters and their straight buddy” by making sure I have electricity.