Mwahaha…I’m stretching out this reveal yet again, but don’t start sharpening those pitchforks just yet. Hand to heart, you guys will learn who the werewolf is next week. While you guys are humming with anticipation I actually just submitted issue 4 to Comixology so expect it to go on sale either later this week or early next week. I usually don’t get a chance to finish the issues ahead of time because generally I scramble to get the pages done just before they are set to be posted. Procrastination is an artist’s bread and butter. But because these past few pages have been relatively simple (three panels or less each), I was able to squeeze them out fairly quickly. At least the drawing and inking stuff. Coloring is always a time sink, which is why Midnight Menagerie only updates once a week versus my other series. This gives me the next few weekends to be free and catch up on other stuff, which is a nice change of pace.