Sorry Sorry Sorry. Sorry Sorry Sorry.

Okay, I don’t have this week’s page ready, thus doing exactly the opposite of what I said I’d do, as well as what I wanted to do. I got really fed up with working over the weekend, so I took a break. It was either do that or really have a huge nervous breakdown. After working for nearly two months straight of doing nothing but drawing and seriously nothing else including cleaning my house I had to take a break. Rest was essential. Weekends, unfortunately are when I work on Midnight Menagerie…you can see where I’m going with this. Instead, I will try to get the page up this Wednesday afternoon instead. Good news is Sorcerer’s Apprentice v.2, the cause of my current stress is very close to being finished now. I just need to draw the last chapter and ink the last two chapters and within the next two weeks the books will be totally done. I am trying to cram in other projects as work to not fall too badly behind, but plans don’t always go how you want them. Thanks for everyone’s patience!