This Wednesday marks the first anniversary of Midnight Menagerie. Oh man, how time flies, I didn’t even realize it’s already been that long. I know I’ve missed updates last week, and there will be no page update this week either. I’m very, very close to finishing the next volume of my other series, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, so I’ve decided my time will be better spent just getting that finally out of the way and making up the missing pages at a later date. So you’ll get the pages that were missing last week and this week and get them next week.

But fear not! You won’t totally be devoid of Shawn and Romero goodness, you will get a special anniversary picture on Wednesday, December 11th, to mark the 1st anniversary of the series.

And to the readers who’ve been giving this series a chance, thanks and I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride.