Midnight Month rolls on with a new page continuing the time honored tradition of vampires and werewolves fighting. I have to say, this page is among my bad-assiest. Also, don’t forget to enter the fan art contest. I want to see what all art you guys create with the theme. And remember, you can enter either on Deviant Art or Tumblr, so I’m trying to make it as easy on you guys as possible.

Last Friday I posted the special Halloween drawing I made for the series and right now I’m working on a special mini comic. I’m hoping to get it done this week, next week at the latest. That comic will be first available as a voting incentive for Top Web Comics.com, meaning to see it you’ll need to vote for Midnight Menagerie. On Halloween I’ll post the comic on the actual site, but I really do hope you guys will do the voting. It’s a really painless way to support the comic since all it does is eat up about 20 seconds of your time. No accounts to sign up for, don’t need to disclose your email, just vote. A lot of people use the top 100 list to find new web comics to read, and I strongly hope that you guys think Midnight Menagerie is worth sharing.

Also, don’t forget that the first three issues are available for sale on Comixology. I got my first royalty check from them last week and it’s a little anemic. The money I make from ads and royalties immediately goes back into the site and supplies. I don’t want to sound like a PBS telethon, but that’s how the world works: to do anything you need money.