Midnight Month continues not only with a new page but an AMA this week and a contest. This Friday I’ll be hosting a Midnight Menagerie themed Ask Me Anything on my Tumblr account Bwillett Sketches. If you’ve been having any questions about the series thus far or are hoping to pry some spoilers out of me I’ll be live to answer questions starting around 10:30am MST and will probably be on for about two hours. Also, I’ve decided to host a contest:

It’s October and that means Halloween. And since Halloween spookiness and Midnight Menagerie have a lot in common, October is unofficially Midnight Month. To celebrate I’m going to be hosting a fan art contest. This year’s theme is Toothache. Like what you get if you have too much Halloween candy and don’t brush your teeth. So it’s your mission to create a piece of art that incorporates at least one of the characters of Midnight Menagerie, the idea of a toothache and something to do with Halloween. It could be silly, it could be creepy, but it has to incorporate all three things! If you enter, you get the chance to win free art from me and bragging rights until next year.


Post your art on either Deviant Art and/or Tumblr and send me a note linking to your entry (don’t count on simply tagging your work because I can never seem to find anything in tags). Send your Deviant Art entries to @Nasdreks and your Tumblr entries to bwillettsketches.tumblr.com. Because there isn’t any worry about shipping, this contest is open internationally.


  1. You must be at least 13 years old to enter (them’s the rules of the interwebs, if you’re younger, get a parent to enter for you.)
  2. It must be art you create. It can be any medium but has to be something you made. That means no edits or tracing of my art or anyone else’s. And no stealing someone else’s drawing, I expect better than that from you guys.
  3. Keep it PG-13, please. Gore or romantic scenes are OKAY, but no porn and keep the violence fairly reasonable. Let’s not get too gooey.
  4. The art must include at least one character from the series (this is a Midnight Menagerie contest after all), have to do with Halloween and use the theme ‘toothache.’
  5. You can enter as many times as you want during the contest period, but you can only win one prize (IE, if you win second prize with one of your drawings you won’t be able to win 1st or 3rd prize with your other entries.)


1st Prize: Single Character full-color, cel-shade digital commission

2nd Prize: Single Character b&w inked digital commission

3rd Prize: Single Character pencil digital commission


Entries will be judged from the pool of entries I get from both Deviant Art and Tumblr that get entered during the contest period. I will be the one judging the entries and I tend to judge more on content than talent. IE a drawing that has anatomy and perspective problems but I think has a lot of personality has a better shot of winning than a drawing that’s pretty but generic. I will also be judging on how well the theme was incorporated. So don’t think that you don’t have a shot just because you aren’t the most amazing artist ever.


The deadline to get your art in is OCTOBER 27th. Winners will be announced Halloween. I won’t be able to extend the deadline for anyone because I don’t currently have internet at home. Meaning if your entry isn’t in my inbox the day I do my updates I won’t see them until Halloween and it’ll be too late for me to judge them.