Sorry for no update last week. Last weekend I had a bunch of stuff going on due to doctors and another perfectly timed bout of insomnia. This week’s page is on time and everything is moving along again. Also, I just checked my Facebook and Bwillett Comics has 99 likes! If I get 100 likes by this Thursday, I promise next Tuesday I will have 2 full pages of Midnight Menagerie for everyone to check out!

Also, it’s only a month now until Denver Comic Con, one of the biggest conventions in the western United States. For the con I’ll be having a special edition, con exclusive issue of Midnight Menagerie. It contains the first full two chapters, a con exclusive cover and will be the first time print issues will be available. I know quite a few people have been asking about print issues, so when you’re at the con don’t forget to stop by and pick up your limited copy. There will only a be a set number, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.