For everyone waiting for the full chapter version of chapter 3 on Comixology, the link goes live this Wednesday. What’s nice about Comixology is you can read the full chapter altogether at full resolution instead of page by page. And in case of website problems like what we had last week, you don’t have to rely on the site to get your Midnight Menagerie fix.

Chapter 4 began last week, but many of you may have missed the update since it went up on Saturday instead of the usual Tuesday. Sorry about that. It wasn’t my intention to keep y’all in suspense for quite that long, it was just my website having problems. Those problems are largely fixed except for email, so if you’ve emailed me last week I’ll get back to you as soon as the server fixes their end. The new page is on schedule and is going to quickly build up to the next part of the story. Lots of people have been asking me if Midnight Menagerie is going to focus on just vampires or will it include other supernatural/mythological characters. This chapter plans on answering that.

I know I tend to be uber secretive about plot points, and sometimes it seems weird that I won’t answer what seem like the most basic of questions about premise or characters, but there’s a method to my madness. I like putting lots of twists and turns in my stories, to keep them fresh and to keep people guessing. I get a great deal of glee whenever I reveal a twist and my inbox fills with emails from people telling me they didn’t see it coming. Or better yet, when they realize seemingly minor details in dialog or even in the background foreshadowed what was going to happen next. There is no such thing as filler in a Bwillett story.