Hey freaks! A couple of notes about a few Artist Alleys I’ll be appearing at in 2016. First off, I’ll be at Anime Southwest at the Ramada Inn in Northglenn. I’ll be having digital editions of the first 6 chapters of Midnight Menagerie on special flashdrives. In addition the the chapters, they’re will also be bonus art and all sorts of goodies as well! Hoping you guys will be there because it’ll be at the end of April, from the 29th-May 1st

Secondly, I’ll be at NDK in September. It’ll be my 5th year there and I’m looking forward to it because it’ll be their 20th anniversary.

In the meantime, keep checking the site. I know updates have been intermittent at best, but things have been very rough for me with little change for the better. I just recently lost my internet. Updates will come up when they can.