Because I am nearly finished with Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I had originally planned to use last weekend to finish the book and postpone Midnight Menagerie until Friday instead. That was at least, the initial plan. However, the other thing that happened this weekend was that my tablet failed. Now, you have to understand, that for an artist who works digitally, your tablet breaking is tantamount to running out of every piece of paper, pencil and crayon in your house all at the same time. I’m currently working on getting it fixed, but it’s going to take a day or so before the tablet company gets back to me. I would love to get a new page of Midnight Menagerie up this week, but right now I’m sort of up a creek without my paddle, and no idea when I’m getting it back. Please be patient. As soon as the tablet is working again, the page will go up. Whether that’ll actually be Friday or not is still TBD