Hey my lovelies! This weekend I’ll be appearing at the artist alley of Nan Desu Kan at the DTC Marriott in Englewood Colorado. NDK is sort of my home con, it was where I did my first artist alley and it’ll be my third year running. If you want to meet me or just say hi, just stop by the center of the atrium. Most likely I’ll be right by the entrance like I was last year. I’ll be selling art prints as well as copies of Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the special edition Midnight Menagerie issues I originally did for Denver Comic Con. These guys are the leftovers, so once they are sold out, that’ll be it! Like I mentioned last week the only way to guarantee physical copies in the future is if digital sales increase. So if you can’t make it to NDK, remember you can always buy the individual chapters on Comixology.

Also, because the con is this weekend there won’t be a new page next Tuesday. The week after we’ll go back to regular updates and we’ll get to bask in Shawn’s ability to wound himself sitting still.