Well my darling deviants, it’s been an interesting journey so far. Three years ago today, I introduced the world to my favorite idiots, Shawn and Romero. That’s right, today marks the 3rd anniversary of the series. So what have I managed to do in 3 years? I’ve produced almost 6 full color chapters (if you would have told me that 5 years ago that I’d be working in color I’d have called you crazy because I’m not *that* masochistic. Ha ha ha.) I’ve had reviews and interviews because of the series and I’ve been selling issues on Comixology.

But more importantly, it’s what you guys have been doing. Every person who has read the series, left a comment, bought an issue and told their friends about a ginger almost too dorky to live and his supernatural suitors are what have allowed me, and motivated me to keep working. If no one read the series, I’d have quit a good long time ago. So pat all of yourselves on the back, because Midnight goes on because of you.

So what’s coming in year 4? A LOT. The Mad Dog arc is coming to a close (with some big things coming in this chapter, what you’ve been reading so far is just the build up) and the next story arc I’m especially excited about because it will finally introduce the final main character of our ragtag group of paranormal misfits. Also, I have a convention coming up at the end of April where I plan to be selling prints and issues of Midnight Menagerie, plus I am hoping to launch a Kickstarter campaign to get a printed version of Midnight Menagerie v.1.

So once again, thanks a ton for the support. Love you guys and Happy Anniversary!