So far Midnight Menagerie has been all about atmosphere and lulling you into a false sense of security. The pages set during the day are bright and colorful, there is a lot of humor and Shawn is an adorable ball of ginger goofiness. But that’s the point. That being said, Midnight Menagerie *is* a horror series. There are going to be some scary, violent, surreal and crazy things happening. Shawn will continue to be an adorable ball of ginger goofiness, but his life will be threatened by by all sorts of things. I put a trigger warning this week for needle phobias, but in the future be aware some things I draw/write may go into all sorts of things that people find scary and disturbing. That’s the point, too. I won’t go too far since this is a PG-13 story, but I thought it would be nice to remind people what it is they’re actually reading.