Hey everyone!

Chapter 2 is really starting to heat up. I’ve been feeding you a chapter and a half of build-up, but now you get the payoff. I’m actually really proud of the inking on this page. I’ve always been a bit squeamish about using too much black on a page, but I think I got the balance right.

Don’t forget that this Saturday is Halloween Comicfest, a Free Comic Book Day in October. It’s your opportunity to go to your local comic book store, get free stuff and amazing deals and hang out with like-minded folks. I especially encourage everyone to check out some horror comics. Horror has kind of hung around in the background with the comic resurgence we’ve been having because of comic book movies, but I assure a good horror comic is just as much fun as a super hero story.

I’ll be at Hero Headquarters in Westminster entering the costume contest. My costume is a secret for now, so if you want to find out what it is before the end of the weekend you’ll have to come and check me out. I’ll also be giving away sketch cards from Midnight Menagerie to anyone who’s interested.