Remember how I said I was working on getting a print version of Chapter 1 together? Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen after all. Based off of my estimates, I would have to charge about 7 dollars an issue in order to turn a profit, and I am fairly sure you guys aren’t willing to pay 7 dollars an issue (hey, if I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments). In addition to the high price point, it would have to be a pretty big investment on my part and it’s not an investment I’m sure I’m ready to make. At least not yet. Instead I’m going to go the digital route for a while and see how that pans out. I’ll be submitting my work to Comixology and if they sales are good, I’ll consider getting printed versions of the comic for Denver Comic Con next year instead. So if you’re really hankering to get your mitts on a physically printed version of the comic, you need to support the digital versions first. I’ll post a separate announcement when Midnight Menagerie goes up on Comixology.

In the meantime now is the time for the start of chapter 2 of Midnight Menagerie. While chapter 1 was a lot of buildup, chapter 2 is going to answer almost all of those questions, so look forward to reading these new pages.