Hey horror fans! This week is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Starting this Friday is Denver Comic Con! For the first time, I’ll be having print issues of Midnight Menagerie available, and for DCC I have con exclusive editions with specials covers and the first full chapters fully colored and edited. They will be super snazzy.

If you can’t make the con, don’t fret, you can *still* get copies of Midnight Menagerie. Issue one is now available on Comixology to work on your snazzy smart phones and tablets. You can buy the issue here.

Also, *because* Denver Comic Con is this weekend, there will *not* be a new page of Midnight Menagerie next week. The weekends are when I work on the comic. And since this weekend I’ll be super busy greeting fans and running around the convention floor, I simply won’t have the time to work. But have no fear, week after we go back to Midnight and learn more about our burly and mysterious stranger.