Original Series

Kaiju Crush the monster romancing visual novel

Kaiju Crush Romantic Visual Novel, Rated Teen

The city of Megyo has been attacked by giant monsters. As the player character you only have one way of stopping the monsters from attacking and convincing them to help stop an alien invasion threatening the world: by getting to know the Kaiju girls and romancing them!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Fantasy/Action, Rated G.

While on a school fieldtrip to the local museum, 17-year-old Victoria Evans discovers an antique ring on the ground. Knowing the right thing to do is to return it, she goes back to try to find the original owner. Through a little bad luck and the bad temper of the ring's rightful owner, Victoria accidentally puts it on and unwittingly unleashes a plaque of monsters sealed away for centuries. Along with the monsters, the soul of the ring's original owner was sealed inside and Victoria strikes up a bargain: learn magic from the master Magician and with the help of his decendent destroy the monsters she released.

Currently on Hiatus, stay tuned for more details

Midnight Menagerie

Midnight Menagerie A Queer Horror Comedy, Rated PG-13

Shawn Wilcocks is a recent high school graduate who has no idea what he's going to do with his life. But when his wanderings lead him to Midnight Collectables, an all-night movie collectables store run by the cryptic Romero Pinzacotti, he enters a world he only thought existed in his favorite horror movies

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The Final Boss's Son Loves the Protagonist

The Final Boss's Son Loves the Protagonist A Queer Fantasy Love Story, Rated PG-13

The Hero of the Four Goddesses is destined to destroy the dark lord Arenjee. To stop him, Arenjee sends his son Oz to assassinate the hero, but that plan backfires when Oz finds himself falling in love. But what's a boy to do when his new boyfriend is ordained to kill his dad?

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Villains Dress Better, a Fantasy Comedy

Villains Dress Better A Zany Fantasy Comedy, Rated All Ages

Baroness Rasputia Nastina is a dark sorceress with an orc army who rules Castle Bloodfist when a group of well-meaning adventurers decide to depose her. How will the stylish baroness convince them to leave her alone and help a village in her country in need instead?

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Fan Series

The Queen of Games

The Queen of Games Doujinshi/Action/Somewhat parody, rated PG-13

What would have happened if Yugi wasn't the one to put together the Millenium Puzzle? What if a girl had put it together instead? That's exactly what this series answers! Neferi Nash is the most unlikely of duelists: she's lazy, she's a coward and most importantally, she hates games! But in an attempt to get the boy she likes to notice her, and her almost savant-like talent for puzzles, Neferi enters the strange world of gaming where the players are weird, the stakes are high and running away is not an option!

Currently on Hiatus

Cardcaptor Torika

Cardcaptor Torika Doujinshi/Fantasy/Magical Girl, Rated G.

My first ever series (so please forgive the often-time rough artwork). After a terrible accident Sakura is put into a coma and the Star Cards are sealed to keep her alive. But several years later, Torika, her 10 year old daughter with Li, accidentally sets them free again! With a new Cardcaptor and new characters, the cards must once again be captured. But this time the stakes are much higher: if Torika doesn't capture the cards as quickly as possible, Sakura will die! Based off of Cardcaptors, not Cardcaptor Sakura.


Pokemon Rebel

Pokemon Rebel Fan Fiction/Adventure/Coming of Age story, Rated PG-13

All Lucas ever wanted to be is a Pokemon Trainer, but when his 'perfect' older brother steals his dream, he decides to become everything his brother isn't: a foul-mouthed, streetbrawling thug. But after finding an abandoned Eevee, Lucas gets a second chance to turn his life around and finally escape his brother's shadow by facing the ultimate challenge: traverse the Pokemon World and become Champion of four Leagues.

No set update schedule, on Hiatus