About Bwillett


Bwillett is the artist name of Colorado-based artist Barbara Willett. Bwillett originally wanted to be a biologist, taking advanced science classes until high school where she got bitten hard by the anime bug. After becoming hooked to the localized version of Cardcaptor Sakura, Cardcaptors, she created a fan site and comic based off of the series called Cardcaptor Torika. During the creation of Cardcaptor Torika the fun hobby turned into a career path. Though having a B.S. In Industrial Design, Barbara continued training herself in comic making techniques all throughout college by looking up tutorials and doing hours upon hours of practice.

Though she continues to do fan work and heavily supports the doujinshi community with her Yugi-Oh based series, Queen of Games; in 2007 she started her first original series, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, an all-ages Magical Girl inspired adventure set in Connecticut. In 2012 Bwillett started her first full-color series, Midnight Menagerie, an adventure/horror/harem comedy that acts as a love letter to classic horror.

In addition to her webcomics, Bwillett is regular commissioned for original work and is currently the character designer for the RPG Science and Sorcery: The Winnowing which is currently in Beta.

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