Social Media

Bwillett can be reached online via a number of social media networks that offer lots of wonderful features. Don't forget to like, watch and subscribe to get access to the latest news, tutorials and to ask direct questions.

Bwillett Comics on Facebook

Bwillett Comics on Facebook: the latest news about Sorcerer's Apprentice and Midnight Menagerie, as well as special announcements about sales, upcoming conventions and other news about Bwillett or the site.

Bwillett Comics on Twitter

Bwillett Comics on Twitter: instant announcements about news as well as insight about creating comics and the challenges of navigating the comics industry

Bwillett Comics on Youtube

Bwillett Comics on Youtube: how-to videos, tutorials and behind the scenes info about conventions and the mysteries of the artist alley

Bwillett Sketches

Bwillett Sketches on Tumblr: Work in progress art, sketches and the uncensored view of Bwillett's art. Also the home of Bwillett's AMAs

Nasdreks on Deviant Art

Nasdreks on Deviant Art: Bwillett's official portfolio and blog. See art in various mediums from original series to classic favorites like Sailor Moon and the Avengers.