This page marks the finale of Chapter 1, leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger. Get ready for a lot of those. Gotta find a way to keep you guys reading, right? Next week I post the cover, but in the meantime I’m sending the book off to get printed in time for Nan Desu Kan. Depending on the speed of the turnaround I *might* be able to get the book to you beloved online readers before the convention, but more realistically the con will be your first opportunity to buy the book. The book is going to look amazing, so if you like the digital version, the printed version is going to look that much better.

And last chance to all you small print guys out there! I have 3 pages of ad space for the book available, this will be a really good opportunity for some of you guys to get exposure in print for a really good price. So just shoot me an email at before this Friday to make my deadline!