I mentioned a little while ago why Sorcerer’s Apprentice has gone on on a much longer hiatus than I originally planned. And many of you know I finally have internet again. So you’re probably wondering why Sorcerer’s Apprentice isn’t bad while Midnight Menagerie is. This is large due to the fact that unlike Midnight Menagerie, about 70% of Sorcerer’s Apprentice is done traditionally. Each page is drawn on, inked by hand and then scanned into computer where only the text and tones are added with software. I did this in order to get a certain look to the pages and it’s something I’ll continue to do.

Unfortunately, to do those pages requires a few things. One is paper. Right before the hiatus I ran out. I only have a few sheets left, and as it stands I won’t even be able to finish the chapter. I get the paper special from Japan (I’m not pretentious, it actually just works out cheaper than buying American sold bristol board and cutting it to size) and I haven’t been able to contact my friend in Tokyo (Billy Garraghan, also the translator for Renard’s wonderful French tirades) to send me a few packs so I can get started up again. Another monkey in the machinery is that my work tables are currently blocked off which means I can’t ink. Also, a few things have come up that have eaten most of my time leaving me only able to work on the weekends. The rest of the time has been dealing with life stuff that cannot be avoided or put off. I’m not canceling the series, but even when I do get the paper I’m not sure I’ll be able to update again for a while. This means book three will be pushed back at least a year (I had hoped to have it available for NDK this year, that’s not gonna happen) and the hiatus is going to last the next three months at least. So my faithful fans, keep checking back and I’ll give you the latest news as it happens.

In the meantime, however, I will be contacting various bookstores and comic book places to start carrying Sorcerer’s Apprentice v.1. So even if there won’t be anything new for a while, there will at least be easier ways to get physical books.