Hey kids! Been a while since I had anything new to report, but this is kind of an important one. I didn’t want to announce it prematurely because I hate delaying things and pushing stuff back, but I’m fairly confident I can finally announce a release date for Sorcerer’s Apprentice v.3.

The book will be available for the general public May 3rd 2016

I am trying to get the book ready in time for Anime Southwest which will be at the end of April. Attendees of the con will have first chance to get the finished book, as well as have it autographed (which has and always will be free. I think charging for autographs is really skeevy.) So I will probably be using the majority of my energy to work on getting the book done. So if you don’t see or hear from me much beyond update announcements, that’s why. We’re getting past the half-way point of Chapter 15, and after Chapter 16 Sorcerer’s Apprentice will return to all-new content. So for you older fans who have been waiting for what seems to be FOREVER to find out what happens next, I assure you, the wait won’t be much longer now. But you guys can help it along by contributing to my Patreon Page. If I start making $500 a month through the site, it will mean Sorcerer’s Apprentice will return to its old 3 page a week schedule instead of the 2 you guys get now.