Hey fans! Sorry that updates have been a little screwy. I’ve been feeling really badly this week so pretty much everything is a little off across the site. Another reason why things were delayed is because I’m going to be tinkering the site soon so certain links are easier to find. Because I sell my books through Indy Planet things can be a little hard to find. I’ll be updating the website so that instead of having to navigate their site, you can instantly get linked to the books on mine. As well as links to my Patreon and upcoming Etsy shop. I’ll also be updating the character pages and that planning is what I’ve been working on this week.

For those of you who have been buying the books in spite of Indy Planet’s shortcomings, I am truly grateful. I hope you enjoy the quality of the printed pages. Knowing that so many have been bought this year really motivates me to get v.3 up and running, especially before Anime Southwest coming in 2016.

Lastly a note about comments. Because Sorcerer’s Apprentice is an all-ages comic, I have a fairly strict policy about comment content. So if you see your comment has been deleted it was less because I didn’t like it, and more it was something I wouldn’t want kids to stumble across. So please, try to keep your comments as kid friendly as possible. Think a PG movie at most.