Hey, hey! Another week, another two pages of Sorcerer’s Apprentice. And this week we’ll finally get to see more of Bethany and Patrice. Writing is always a balancing act because you love your characters so gosh darn much but you always have to remember who the main characters are, and in the case of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, this is Victoria’s story. So that means no matter how much I want to have more page time with one character or another, if it doesn’t eventually add up to something that Victoria has to go through, I can’t really add it.

Also another thing I’d like to talk about is why sometimes pages are so late. This partially has to do with how the Sorcerer’s Apprentice pages get made. Unlike Midnight Menagerie, which is digital, and Queen of Games, which is done with technical pens, Sorcerer’s Apprentice pages are inked with a dip pen and well ink. This means that pages have to dry considerably between when they are finished and when they are scanned. Rush the step and erase pencil marks or try to scan pages before the ink is dry and the pages smudge and get ruined. If my schedule gets thrown off because of illness or some other interruption, and the pages aren’t dry at least a day before my updates (Tuesday and Friday) that means I have to wait until the next update day to add the new pages. I try to get more pages done than updates in a week, but sometimes I still fall behind and there are gaps. Theoretically, I could do Sorcerer’s Apprentice a different way, but then it would look much different and become a different comic for it. Another change is me getting back my internet service. But that is up to Century Link or Xfinity to come up with a reasonable deal for reasonable service. Until then, it’s only two trips a week to a hot spot.