Hey guys, the hiatus isn’t over just yet but I thought it’s extremely important that I post this update. Long story short things are really bad in my life right now. In other words, Sorcerer’s Apprentice is in danger of being shelved. Being shelved means an indefinite hiatus, I might be able to come back to it, or I might have to cancel it forever. And with the way things look right now, things are firmly in that second column as of now. So what can you personally do to prevent this from happening? There are actually a few things:

  1. Click on the banner ads and vote for Sorcerer’s Apprentice on Top Web Comics. Higher click rates and more views means higher ad revenue. Most of the banner ads lead to other web comics rather than spam so you’re actually not wasting anything.
  2. Tell your friends, your family, whomever about Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I do ads and social networking stuff, but the best promotion for a web comic is word of mouth. I cannot stress this enough. Talk about the series. Recommend the series on your blogs and tumblr accounts. Make fan art. Make fan fiction. Anything! Let’s grow the fan base!
  3. Follow me on social media. I am on Facebook, Tumblr, Deviant Art, and Twitter and have very few followers and even less active followers. And Reblog and Retweet stuff instead of just faving it. Comment on stuff. No one sees your favs, while it’s awesome that people like my stuff, it does me no good if no one sees beyond the fanbase I already have.
  4. Buy the books. Through Indy Planet, Sorcerer’s Apprentice is available both digitally or in print. In fact, the digital version is much cheaper than the print version, so don’t give me the ‘but shipping is so high’ excuse. There is an active link on the site at all time. I know Indy Planet is hard to navigate, which is why the links are always visible on the page and the main page of Bwillett Comics. Buying the books gives me working capital. Buying the books means I have cash and resources to continue the series. The profits from v.2 so far haven’t even been enough to cover the cost of the ink I’ve used let alone paper, printing and actual living money for things like food and bills. I can’t even afford internet right now. Buying the books means I’m more attractive to bigger publishing firms that have the resources and power to distribute better.

At this point I’ve done all I can to keep the series alive, but if I don’t see some serious turnaround by the end of March, I’ll be forced to stop working on it. It’s all up to you guys now.