*EDIT* I know I’m a little late but the Uncle Hacksaw chibi is now up.


I do have a new voting Chibi done, but I forgot to add it to my flashdrive with my other updates. Starting on the 26th, you’ll start getting Uncle Hacksaw, in the meantime, it’s still Alice.

Another reminder that my contest is still going on. It’s almost the end of the July, meaning you have just over a month until the September 1st deadline. Don’t forget!

I hope people aren’t thinking this chapter is too slow. Things are actually just beginning to heat up, especially with this week’s pages. Also, I’ll need to start working on the script for Chapter 17, pretty much from here on out the chapters get really important. Nothing I’ve done is filler in the long run (even if you might think it is at first), but there will definitely be a shift in the plot starting with the next few chapters. I hope you all join me for the ride.