I apologize about last week’s updates being so screwy. Last Tuesday was so cold I couldn’t make it to the library so I had to use a local restaurant instead, but their wifi was so bad that each time I tried to upload the page the system froze. Then I couldn’t post any news about it later in the week because then ComicEasel had some problems. But since the last update everything is fixed. This is also why it’s good to check my Facebook and Twitter because I post whenever I have issues or why updates will be late.

This week’s updates will be on time and I finished drawing chapter 13. It’ll be a couple more weeks before those pages will show up and in the meantime I’ll start 14. I really look forward to 14 and 15 because it’s a short story arc that will cover Cooper’s background a bit more. In the meantime, please continue to support the series by voting and buying the books.