Sorry Guys, I have some bad news for everyone. A big giant thing that I’ve been trying to avoid in my real life essentially exploded. And in order to not be fined out of house and home I now have to devote the next month or more in cleaning the situation up. That means no more updates for the next month barring today’s. This even includes my regular Friday updates. I really hate having to do this to all my fans because I know how faithfully you read my stuff, and how supportive you guys have been these past few months. But it can’t be helped. I won’t even be coming online that much because I need to devote all my time and energy into getting this situation fixed. I hope all of you guys understand. The series will be back to regular updates as soon as I can manage it. In the meantime there’s a nice big archive for you guys to read and I hope you can bide the time until then.