The big issue that’s been eating up a bunch of my time has past (at least for the moment, round 2 takes place in February) but otherwise I’m back to my normal work schedule, and by extension, regular update schedule. I know things have been really inconsistent the past month or so, but that’s how life gets sometimes. My early in the year updates are always a little iffy anyway, when the weather gets really bad my health is on the line, but as things warm up and it gets closer to summer, there will be more work done.

This year I’m not doing Denver Comic Con. While it’s always a blast to do the Artist Alley there, my profit margins were pretty bad, so I can’t really afford to go back. So that means my only foreseeable con this year will most likely be Nan Desu Kan, assuming I win the table drawing. The bad news means that I’ll only be going to one con as a guest, but the good news is I’ll have more time in general to work, which means I will be getting volume 3 done. As I’ve said before, getting volume 3 actually available for sale has as much to do with you guys as with me because it’s a lot of work to put a book together, and if the sales aren’t there, I don’t have much incentive. I know it seems a bit mean to put things in terms of strictly money, but I do have to make sure I can afford to live. I really really want to make sure all 7 volumes of the series get done, but y’all have to help me get there.