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Sayonara Nerdvana

I haven't updated Nerdvana in a while and after a long hard amount of thinking, I've decided it's going to stay that way.

I started Nerdvana as a blog to try to centralize all my social media/comic/random updates so I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself over and over again. Turns out you guys actually like that stuff though. No one seems to be bugged by the same update across three or four platforms. And I just don't have the kind of time to devote to a bloggy type blog anyway, and the last thing I need is another project if it's not one I'm even hot for to begin with. Not to mention next to no one reads Nerdvana. So it's like anyone is going to be missing anything.

If anyone wants random stuff about my interests or the latest game I'm playing, check out my tumblr account instead: Adventures of the Geek Empress.


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This Week in Bwillett Comics

Holy cow, this week has felt like a month considering everything that's been happening.

Got Midnight Menagerie done last weekend and plan to do a new page today. On Monday the books finally came and they look AMAZING. I'm so excited for the con now. I've also gotten all my table signs and business cards done, and all I need to worry about now is a few press releases and some doodles for a tip jar.

The rest of the week I've been busily chiseling away at Sorcerer's Apprentice v.2. I've got 13 pages totally done of chapter 7, and about another 9 pages partially done (in various stages of doneness from partially inked to partially drawn.) I'm really fighting for that October deadline I've imposed for myself.

I'm trying to do other things too and see if I can get some Queen of Games done this week. I really want to get back to this series. I might just start going 3 pages a week instead of 5 and see if that works out better for me.


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This Week in Bwillett Comics: RETURNS!

I'm back from my little sabbatical and trying to get my momentum back, and I have to say this week was a good start.

Sorcerer's Apprentice has returned to being a regularly updated webcomic and behind the scenes I'm chugging away at working on volume 2. I'm still waiting for volume 1 to be delivered and I'm going to email my printer today to see the status of my order. Also being updated is Midnight Menagerie.

I'm also tying up the loose ends regarding Denver Comic Con. Since this con is so much bigger and more elaborate than Nan Desu Kan was so there is a lot more to do. I've also got a lot of press releases to do over the weekend and I'm a bit nervous since I've never had to do them before.

As for Pokemon Rebel and Queen of Games, neither project is dead but I'm just not having the time yet to work on them. Still a lot of other things popping up and so far it's been like herding cats. Just stay on standby and I'll let you know when everything's ready.

Next week is just working my damnedest to getting everything done and getting as much with my projects done as possible.


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These Past Couple Weeks in Bwillett Comics

I know I've been largely pretty silent about my projects and in general the past few weeks, and there is a pretty good reason behind it. Without getting into it too much I've been dealing with an avalanche of personal, family, and home problems that has robbed me of my time and will to work. As such, rather than trying to fight against the stream, failing, and then become frustrated and depressed that I am failing, I've decided to take an indefinite hiatus. I just need some things at home to cool down and sort themselves out so that way I can sit down, marathon out all my projects and not constantly get interrupted or have to leave the house to take of the issues I'm currently dealing with.

Now, to those who have caught some of my updates, I apologize. Now, you might be wondering why I might be apologizing and it's fairly simple. I recognize that the majority of the people who come to view my work don't actually care about my personal life. And that suits me just fine. This is intentional. I make it a point to not post personal details about myself. That's why I don't post photos or talk about my daily life. Because almost none of it is relevant to getting my series or work online. But every so often when things go bad (because hey, let's face it, we've all got problems, some we just can't handle) I crack and I spill more than I intend to. So I go from no information about myself to some of the most personal thoughts and feelings a person can have. And I recognize that that is very jarring to people and may make them very uncomfortable. So this is why I'm apologizing. Some of those posts were extremely unprofessional. Hopefully, they will never happen again. Once again, I'm sorry.


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This Week in Bwillett Comics

As I mentioned earlier this week I have been suffering from the Virus That Would Not Die. It's been over a week and I'm still coughing and blowing my nose. There's not much point in me going to a doctor since it is viral, but aside from having a kleenex permanently glued to my nose, I don't feel too bad and actually have been getting a few things done.

I've been having to avoid the Crypt (aka my office in the basement) because it's not a good idea to work in the cold when you're sick, and even with the furnace up and running again, well the Crypt is still...the Crypt. I tempted fate slightly yesterday to work on a new print for Denver Comic Con and today I backslid a bit. So no basement today. I will for a fact update Midnight Menagerie. It just might be a day or two late so I don't get pneumonia.

The big news of the week besides new DCC prints is The Return of Sorcerer's Apprentice as a Webcomic. Starting not next Monday, but the Monday after, Sorcerer's Apprentice will return as a three-day-a-week webcomic. Because of the new style of the art I will be taking down the old version and starting over starting from Chapter 7. I have a moral constitution to avoid restarting webcomics over and over again, but in this case it will be the best for everyone since not only will the new version have much, much better art, it will have new scenes and better pacing than the first version. I've decided on Chapter 7 because not only will it mark the beginning of Volume 2, it's the start of a new story arc for after the intro.

Volume 2 will be released. It will not be published by P2Manga, it's going back to self-publishing. And I plan for the volume to be released sometime in October. Earlier if I can manage it. So for all you long suffering SA fans, this is a very good piece of news.

Now for fans of Queen of Games and Pokemon Rebel. Pokemon Rebel has a new chapter written, but I can't post it until a second chapter is done. This needs to happen because otherwise people might get the wrong impression that the fic has ended, which it isn't even close to finishing (I've got four more arcs to go!) so until the first chapter of the new arc is done, the last chapter of the previous one can't be posted. And as for fans of Queen of Games...all I can tell you is that you poor, miserable bastards have my utmost sympathy. I will be working on it again soon, but there's just a lot of more important stuff that's floating to the top.

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